Pool's payments schedule

Starting from 03.07.2020 all payments will be done once a day (given that you’ve reached a min payout amount) between 6 am and 12 pm UTC.
As you know (or not know) the transaction fee related to your payouts is on the house. But the current gas price 50 gWei incurs extra costs that are not compatible with the pool fee. To address this issue we have made the following amendments:
We have set up a gas price of 1 gWei for all the pool payouts and the pool will be mining that same transaction. Ethermine uses the similar scheme.
To minimize the impact of these transactions to miners’ income we have lowered the gas limit for the other wallets and smart contracts to 21 000 and 45 000 respectively.
After a long discussion within the team we decided to switch to the daily payouts. All transactions will be sent out at 6:00 UTC and will be confirmed within the blocks mined by Ezil pool. The estimated time for transactions confirmation is within 6 hours even if the pool has the worst possible round variance. Thus you will receive your rewards by 12 pm UTC.

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