OsDog setup

Select the Wallets tab in the menu.

Click New wallet

Enter a name for the new wallet, for example “ETH + ZIL” or "ETC + ZIL"
In the Coin field, select ETH or ETC
In the address field, enter your wallets ETH or ETC and ZIL in the EthWallet.ZilWallet format, for example: “0xFF7ea6c887498C1F7d7DBbc663701e4FD17aE526.zil162gq9pqpfdzlw5zqqjz4hdsjp038s26fqy70u8”

Enter the address of the nearest server in the Pool field, all available addresses are here:
In the Pass field, enter “x
In the Miner menu, select a miner
Click Save
In the top menu, select the Monitoring tab
Select your worker and select the previously created wallet in the Wallet1 field and click Go.

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